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    In a medical emergency please dial 000.
  • Preventative Care

    Preventative Care is one of the most effective strategies in reducing the risk of more major health conditions and the management of existing conditions such as diabetes and chronic illnesses.
  • Skin Cancer Clinic

    Our practice is pleased to offer full body skin checks using the state of the art microDERM system by Visiomed. microDERM is a professional imaging system for progressive early recognition of skin cancer and image documentation.

Our Services

  • Family Medicine, Immunisation and Vaccinations

    Whether it’s you or a family member, we provide a comprehensive family medical service in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Many of our practitioners are long term residents of Gladstone and have serviced 3 generations of locals. It is our goal to provide excellent health care to all ages.


    Immunisations are an important part of maintaining a healthy community. They stop the spread of disease and help prevent serious illness. We provide regular childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations and other routine immunisations like the annual flu vaccination.

    Childhood immunisations are usually done in conjunction with a routine health check to ensure your little one is developing correctly. Immunisations are recommended at:

    • Birth
    • 2 months
    • 4 months
    • 6 months
    • 12 months
    • 18 months
    • 2 years (ATSI children only)
    • 4 years
    • 13 years
    • 15years

    If you have any concerns regarding the health of your child or have any questions regarding immunisations, please feel free to contact one our practice nurses or talk to your GP.

    Our practice is passionate about prevention of serious conditions through vaccination and aim to run a large and successful flu vaccination campaign in co-operation with the Australian government each year to reduce the affects of the influenza pandemic on our community. Prevention really is the best cure! Certain age groups and those with a chronic condition are eligible for a free Flu vaccination. Talk to your doctor today!

    Travel Vaccinations

    Planning to take an overseas trip? We can give you the advice and support required when considering your health requirements during your travels. Our doctors have the experience and resources necessary to provide the right vaccines and medication required no matter your destination. So let us furnish you with the correct information and confidence to enjoy your next trip.

  • Home and Hospital Visits

    Home and other visits

    Home visits can be arranged when you are too ill to come to the Surgery, if you are a regular patient of our practice. In nearly every instance it is preferable to see patients within the practice where the benefits of the equipment and nursing staff can assist you. Please ask our reception staff concerning doctor’s fees for home visits.

    Hospital Visits

    Hospital admissions can be arranged in one of two ways:

    The first option is that we can arrange for you to be admitted to the Gladstone District Hospital where all treatment, investigations and medication are free of charge and you are cared for in the Public system by Public Doctors.

    If however, you are privately insured, the second option is for you to be admitted to theMater Private Hospital under the care of your GP. The advantage of being cared for by your GP while in hospital is that you will receive more individual attention. As your primary care giver, your GP has a detailed knowledge of your past history and social situation, and will be able to tailor treatment more specifically to your case.

    Unfortunately the cost of medical services is undervalued by the government with some services (e.g. insertion of IV drip) not being covered at all. As a result there is an out of pocket expense over and above your Medicare and Health insurance rebate. Hospital visits are charged in accordance with the Australian Medical Association. Please discuss any of your concerns regarding these financial considerations with our reception staff prior to your admission.

  • Mental Health

    Mental health problems are often overlooked. It is vital that any mental condition is diagnosed and treated.

    Our GPs are all trained in the management of mental health and are able to create a mental health plan in conjunction with a Medicare registered clinical psychologist. This plan enables you to receive a Medicare rebate on ten psychological services per calendar year with the psychologist of your choice. This initiative is aimed at educating people about mental health and ensuring that psychological services are more readily available for those that require help.

    If you would like further information please feel free to contact us.


  • Men's Health

    We understand the importance of specific assessment and treatment of male related health issues. From blood pressure to prostate cancer – our doctors are up to date with current health issues facing men today.

  • Occupation & Dive Medicals

    The team at Gladstone Central Medical Centre is able to carry out tailored employment medicals and rehabilitation medicine, providing your company with all the relevant information required. We are able to perform ECGs, spirometry and audiometry if required.

    The health of our workforce is vital for productivity and sustainable work practices. We can assist both individuals and organisations with their occupational health needs – from assessment and monitoring programs to rehabilitation services.

    It’s not all about work though; Gladstone Central also offers dive medicals and other sporting qualification medicals. Should you require something specific please feel free to discuss your options with a doctor.

  • Visiting Services

    Gladstone Central Medical Centre partner with the following businesses to offer visiting services:

    • Clarity Hearing https://clarityhearingsolutions.com.au/

  • Women's Health

    Our centre is experienced in a broad range of women’s health issues and provides a multitude of services including Pap smears and contraceptive implants. Dr Robyn Mawer is one of the only GP’s in Gladstone able to introduce the Mirena intrauterine device. Our GPs are also able to insert the Implanon NXT device and can discuss with you the best option for contraception suited to your needs.

  • Women's Health

    Our centre is experienced in a broad range of women’s health issues and provides a multitude of services including Pap smears and contraceptive implants. Our GPs are also able to insert the Implanon NXT device and can discuss with you the best option for contraception suited to your needs.

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